Tokyo Kanzai is a global company specialized in metal material processing business founded in 1951. Since then, we work closely with many industrial machine manufactures and qualified suppliers throughout Asia. We have been committed to be the best partner in the industry.

Our mission is “To offer our customers the most suitable products for the best price”.
We do this by taking advantage of our extensive experience over 60 years and unique supply-chain networks throughout Asia.

We promise the following benefits to both of our customers and suppliers:

To our customers

  • Development of purchasing starategy
  • Risk management
  • Establishing stable supply
  • Reducing costs in procurement
  • Minimizing defect rate

To our suppliers

  • Development of sales strategy
  • Technical support
  • Enhancing technical innovation
  • Developing new products
  • Launching in a new market

We fulfill our promises by supporting them in the following 3 areas.


1. Technical support / guidance

We have in-house quality assurance team. The team possesses unique technical know-how regarding metal processing, like as casting, forging, die-casting and so on, which we have accumulated for over 60 years. We develop various production processes from test to commercial by providing our suppliers with technical support/ guidance.
We also have technical engineers with experiences at foundries, who can successfully lead commercial production with their proven technical support/ guidance.

2. Drive our suppliers to minimize defect rate

In case of defectives, we immediately secure adequate products, while our engineers summarize defect rate, check the products and analyze the cause. We also drive our suppliers to decrease defect rate by giving technical support/ guidance and improving production process.
Defectives not only damages our reputation but also fairly costly. We believe quality management is one of our most important missions.

3. Establish an inspection process

We support our suppliers to establish a concrete inspection process.
We lead not only our local suppliers but also international ones to establish/ maintain inspection processes. However, in case there’re defectives shipped from overseas, we inspect import goods at our own site to minimize defectives to our clients.


1. Best Price

We offer a competitive price from our affiliated suppliers throughout Asia, considering product features (materials and shapes), technical level and conditions (supply volume and delivery points).

2. Transaction Currency

We offer you flexible transaction currency options through our branch office in Hong Kong*. To reduce currency risks and optimize procurement costs, we are able to offer you multiple suppliers, depending on the situation.
(*There might be some currencies unavailable)

3. Investment

By analyzing cost efficiency for each project, we proactively invest to prospective molding, machining tools and information systems.


1. Strong relationships with qualified suppliers

We are continuously searching for qualified suppliers and developing strong relationships with them. At selecting a new supplier, we visit the factory to understand its process capacity from our own point of view. Our quality assurance team evaluates candidate suppliers thoroughly to ensure its quality.

2. Collaboration with suppliers

We collaborate with our suppliers in developing new projects. Our quality assurance team inspects the quality of test products (in terms of material components, size, internal defectives and others). If we find any defectives, we provide countermeasure and lead suppliers to quality improvement for stable mass production.

3. Flexible supply

We supply flexibly according to our client’s needs through our unique supply chain network. We select the best supplier according to conditions, such as volume and timing. We are capable of selecting multiple suppliers so that we could also provide variety of products from materials, processed goods to assembling goods.